Hi, I’m Neha


An entrepreneur, advocate for women in STEM. There are two things I love, to learn something new every day and use my voice to stand up for what is right. So, I created a space to do both; share my learnings in STEM and entrepreneurship, while trying to close the gender gap in the STEM fields.


My journey into Tech

Born and raised in Bangalore (the Silicon Valley of India), it was a given that my career would be coding away in a tech company. After working for a year, I realized I wanted to further my knowledge and work on exciting projects. The next year I was here, in USA doing my Master’s in information systems. I chose this track because I wanted to learn more about both the tech and business world.

During and after my master’s program, I have taken up various roles in the industry, because I wanted to explore different roles in the tech space. My journey started as a full-stack developer, working on JAVA, C# and all the fun front-end tools and later found my passion for data and moved to a data engineering role. Here I am 5 years later, building a community wanting to inspire more women to start their career in STEM and share their experiences.


Why Women Decode?

On my flight back home from a client meeting in Philadelphia, I read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. It was a total eye opener and got me thinking about what other women in the tech industry were experiencing? In my consulting career I hardly got to work with a handful of women on most projects, I decided to start my blog and connect with others who shared the same passion.

Whilst building a community in the tech world, I was advancing in my career and started to think about what I wanted to do next. I learnt 2 things when I introspected – one, that I was facing a lot of resistance trying to grow in my career (most peoples reaction was, it takes time and I did not buy it) and two I got bored doing the same things every day (see my eccentric traits there) and wanted to set myself up for a bigger and exciting challenge. That was the inception of Women Decode – to advocate for women in the STEM fields, understand the perspectives of other folks working in these fields and challenge the issues we are all facing. Women Decode’s ultimate goal is to inspire more women to take up jobs in the STEM field and most importantly, help them grow there!

You will be seeing my experiences as I traverse the path as an entrepreneur, my productivity tips to stay on top of your game and of course my data engineering knowledge for anyone who loves data and wants to get into the field.


Feel free to get in touch with your questions and suggestions!