#6 Dr. Ranjani Deshpande on History of Ayurveda and its Current Practice

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Ayurveda is a medical practice that originated in India and has been practiced since ancient times. I’m sure a lot of us have presumptions and questions about what Ayurveda is. How does one study Ayurveda today, how is it different from modern medicine, does it treat all ailments and much more.

So to answer all these questions we have Dr. Ranjani Deshpande with us today. She is a Specialist Ayurvedic Surgical Consultant and in addition to her practice, she is also involved in academics and mentoring. Listen to know more!

Here are some resources for further reading –

What is Ayurveda

Scripture of Ayurveda – Sushruta Samhita & Kashyapa Samhita

Science of Ophthalmology – Nimi Tantra

Science of Surgery – Dhanvantari sampradaya

Appendix –

Shalya Tantra – Surgery

Siddhanta – Established and accepted view of any particular school within Indian philosophy

Acharya – Teacher

Prakruthi – Nature


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