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About Women Decode STEM

If you are a part of the science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM) field, you will agree that gender gap is a real issue. At every step in our career we face challenges – whether you’re trying to find the right career path, advance in your career, find the right mentors or build your own company.

By creating an intimate community, we want to facilitate open and honest conversations for women in STEM fields. Through the blog and now the podcast, we intend to help discover both traditional and non traditional career paths in STEM, navigate growth opportunities in workplace, find the right mentors and provide resources to build a successful STEM journey. The ultimate goal is to inspire more women to take up jobs in the STEM fields and most importantly, help them grow there!

We hope to empower every women and see the number of STEMINIST rise in the future

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About Neha


Hi, I am Neha – an entrepreneur, advocate for women in STEM. There are two things I love, to learn something new every day and use my voice to stand up for what is right. So, I created a space to do both; share my learning in STEM and entrepreneurship, while trying to close the gender gap.

Born and raised in Bangalore (the Silicon Valley of India), it was a given that my career would be coding away in a tech company. After working for a year, I realized I wanted to further my knowledge and work on exciting projects. The next year I was here, in USA doing my Master’s in information systems. I chose this track because I wanted to learn more about both the tech and business world.

During and after my master’s program, I have taken up various roles in the industry, because I wanted to explore different roles in the tech space. My journey started as a full-stack developer, working on JAVA, C# and all the fun front-end tools and later found my passion for data and moved to a data engineering role. Here I am 5 years later, building a community wanting to inspire more women to start their career in STEM and share their experiences.