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Workplace culture and why it is important

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The term ‘Workplace Culture’ is being redefined everyday in the corporate world. Companies tend to include being a cultural fit as a requirement in the hiring process. But how much of this value actually applies into the day to day lives of the employees? Does this culture follow through at all levels in the organization? Does the work culture survive when the company is rapidly growing? All these questions can be answered by simply reviewing how every single employee understands the values of the company. Also, how employees manifest those values into their work life everyday.


I hugely value the interactions I have with co-workers and the freedom to explore and grow at my pace. Here’s what I think about the importance of having a well defined and inclusive work culture means for a company. This is from my experience of being a mid-level employee in the corporate life.


Earlier, companies did not pay a whole lot of attention towards defining their workplace culture. But these days employees are spending more than 8 hours in the office. The lines between work-life balance is becoming thin, it’s important to understand that ‘culture’ plays a huge role in everyone’s life. At work we build human relationships and connections. This helps us stay happy and motivated to build something meaningful. So, it’s important to ensure an environment that allows everyone to express and grow. 



Let’s take an example- if you are constantly loaded with work and tight deadlines, that’s all you end up doing all day and have minimal interactions. At the end of the day you go back home frustrated and tired. With this routine, you won’t be able to survive in this workplace for long. But if you had people to talk to, discuss your work with and go out for team events, it makes a huge difference. You go home a happier person, you get back to work the next day motivated and satisfied.


This is just one example of how culture can impact productivity, growth and connections within teams. When you build a connected team, that reflects in the work produced by them. The team is more productive, there are better discussions and everyone feels more confident to communicate and provide feedback. When the core values are strong, every employee will help organically build an inclusive environment. The culture is basically a reflection of the people in the team or company. 



There are many ways to sustain the work culture and provide more value to employees and the company as well. A feedback system can help the leaders get a sense of what works and what can be improved. Giving the employees a safe space to discuss will immensely help build relationships and better teams. Lastly team building exercises should not be considered a waste of time or money, it is at these times that individuals get to know each other and bond over commonalities, it is time and money spent well.


In my opinion, companies need to define their values and workplace culture when they write a business plan. It helps them find the right people to fill in the positions and carry through as the company grows. From the most junior person to the CEO, everyone needs to follow through with the values. Their contributions could differ, but the essence of the values will remain in their work life.


Lastly, I would say that the more diverse a team or company is, the more it can grow. Individuals of different backgrounds, ethnics, culture and sex can bring positive changes. They can introduce different ways of solving problems, handling situations, showing how to respect others opinions, grow together, and the list can go on. From my personal experiences, I love chatting and working with a variety of individuals, it’s an eye opener and humbling to say the least.



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